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Family Law

Compassionate lawyers helping resolve your divorce issues in Oconee County

At Stoudemire & Sprouse, we take a straightforward approach to resolving divorce matters. Our attorneys and staff understand the stress that you are enduring and we take a personal interest in helping you get through the challenge.

If your divorce is uncontested, you can benefit from the guidance of our attorney Scott Sprouse, a Certified Family Court Mediator. For contested divorces, both of our lawyers have the experience and skill to protect your best interests at trial.

Equitable distribution of property

The judge has broad discretion in the division of marital property — from the money in your bank accounts to the possession of your house. The court may consider numerous factors, including the length of the marriage, value of the property and each spouse's:

  • Contribution to the property value
  • Expenses and debts
  • Current income
  • Earning potential
  • Marital misconduct
  • Custody arrangement
  • Health
  • Age
  • Retirement benefits
  • Separate property
  • Tax burden

Stoudemire & Sprouse works closely with you to establish the truth of your circumstances and get you an appropriate share of the marital property.

Alimony payments

The determining factors for alimony awards are similar to those which guide distribution of property. South Carolina allows four different types of alimony:

  • Periodic. Subject to review if circumstances change in the future.
  • Lump-sum. A set amount, paid all at once or over time.
  • Rehabilitative. With an end date based on the expectation that the receiving spouse will become self-supporting.
  • Reimbursement. To compensate the receiving spouse for time and money invested in the education or career of the other.

Our attorneys help ensure that your alimony obligation or award is fair and manageable.

Child custody

South Carolina law instructs family court judges to give serious consideration to a child's reasonable preference for custody. However, children under 14 are generally deemed incapable of making such a decision. The law does not require consideration of basic parental fitness except for evidence of domestic violence, so your lawyer must be experienced and persuasive. Stoudemire & Sprouse knows how to make a compelling case for a custody arrangement that is in your child's best interest.

Child support

The South Carolina child support guidelines provide suggested dollar amounts for monthly payments, based on the combined incomes of the parents. However, the court may adjust the suggested amount based on numerous other financial factors. Our skilled attorneys negotiate aggressively for a child support amount that is reasonable for your circumstance.

Let our lawyers help you through your Oconee County divorce

Divorce can be isolating, but our attorneys become your partners in the process. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer from Stoudemire & Sprouse, contact us online or call 864.973.4608.



Do I need a lawyer if my divorce is uncontested?


Yes, we recommend letting us assist you with your divorce even if it is amicable.

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