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Full-service law firm in Oconee County

Our firm is dedicated to helping the people of our community solve their legal problems.  We get to know each client personally and devote as much time as necessary to each contact we have with you.  We are highly organized and ready to address your ongoing concerns at any time. All case documents are immediately scanned and placed in electronic files to ensure ready access for attorneys as well as paralegals. Stoudemire & Sprouse, P.A. takes pride in having all staff, both attorney and paralegal, able to operate their state-of-the-art equipment, including color printers, scanners, copiers and fax. Our use of modern technology allows us to efficiently handle a variety of legal matters for you.

Personal injury

When you are injured, our top priority is to get you well. Your health is more important than filing a lawsuit. We concentrate first on your medical recovery and then we help you get compensated. If your injuries were caused by someone else's negligence, we file a lawsuit seeking damages for your personal injury.

Criminal defense

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the criminal justice system in Oconee County. We understand how the local system works, we know all of the court personnel, and we know how to tackle your charges. Our attorneys are talented in the courtroom. You can depend on our firm for skilled criminal defense.

Family law

We help you through the challenges of divorce and vigorously defend your rights. You may be required to attend mediation prior to your divorce proceeding, and attorney Scott Sprouse represents you as a Certified Family Mediator. Both of our lawyers are adept at fighting for your best interests in family court at your divorce proceeding.

Social Security disability

The main hurdle in a Social Security disability case is proving your disabled status. We have extensive experience working with medical experts to establish your disability, and we make a strong presentation at the Office of Hearings and Appeals. Trust us to guide your application for Social Security disability.

Workers' compensation

When you have been injured at work, you are entitled to receive benefits. But the workers' compensation system can be frustrating and the settlement offer may be inadequate to cover your expenses. We know how to effectively represent you and get the best possible result from your claim for workers' compensation.

Civil litigation

Our attorneys handle a variety of civil conflicts, from estate litigation to commercial disputes. If issues cannot be quickly resolved outside of court, we handle your dispute at trial. Count on our firm to effectively handle your civil litigation.

Find your way to resolution with help from Oconee County lawyers

Our Seneca law firm takes care of people like you. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Stoudemire & Sprouse, contact us online or call 864.973.4608.



Do I need a lawyer if my divorce is uncontested?


Yes, we recommend letting us assist you with your divorce even if it is amicable.

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